Are Glass Break Detectors Effective?

Glass break sensors for home protection

With the changes and uncertainty in the world, more homeowners are having alarm system installed today than ever before. Thanks to technology, it is possible to see who is ringing your doorbell while you're at work, in another city, state, or even another country. One feature that homeowners have expressed interest in is a glass break detector addition to their current security system.

Is using a glass break sensor as part of a security system a viable source though? Would having a glass break sensor with siren like a retail store be too much for a home? What is too much for your home is up to you, the homeowner. A glass break detector of any sorts is one more layer of warning that an unwanted person is trying to gain access to your domain. 

If you're considering upgrading your home security system to include a glass break detector feature, continue reading. We have gathered some frequently asked questions and concerns, the asked the experts in the field for answers. 

Does every room need a glass break sensor?

The range for glass break sensors for windows is approximately the same range most motion sensors. For an average size room, one glass break detector is usually sufficient. An average sized room with a large picture window or a wall full of windows may need an additional unit installed. Typically, a glass break detector will cover up to three average sized windows. 

A security professional can advise what you need on their initial visit and discuss other options. Most glass break detectors will have a sensitivity switch where you can adjust the setting.

Does opening a window set off an alarm?

If your alarm system includes window sensors, not glass break detectors, but window sensors, then yes, opening a window with that sensor will set off the alarm system if the system is armed. A door or window sensor in most systems is a two-piece magnetic contact. When the alarm system is armed, any door or window with the sensor sets off the alarm the minute those two magnets are separated.  

Additional note worth mentioning, a door or window that open and is protected by a sensor connected to the alarm system, you cannot arm the alarm. You will either need to close all doors and windows or bypass the zone where the open door or window is located. However, any security expert will tell you that doing this is not recommended. Bypassing a door or window is a breach of security. 

What can trigger a glass break alarm?

The main purpose of a glass break detector is to listen for breaking glass sounds, the shattering of glass has a high-pitched frequency, a unique sound. A glass break detector is equipped with a built-in microphone to pick up on that sound. Because it is a unique sound with that high pitch, it activates the alarm. 

There are sounds that a glass break detector may hear as breaking glass and set off the alarm, like a box of metal objects dropped like coins, kitchen utensils, etc. or a dropped glass. If the glass breaking sensor is setting off the alarm to easily, the sensitivity can be adjusted. 

Can a dog set off a glass break detector?

If an alarm device is properly adjusted, a pet is unlikely to set off the alarm. Working with the alarm system company, you can learn how to set the motion detectors not to pick up the cat. However, if the cat jumps up on furniture and is in view of the motion detector, it could set off the alarm.  There are options on most alarm system to avoid this from happening. 

The other sensor that homeowners are finding to be of benefit is the glass break detector, which needs to pick up a specific decibel of sound, like glass breaking. As glass breaks, it hits a specific high decibel and it has been known that some dogs barking can activate a glass break sensor, cause to set off the alarm. 

Hard surfaces in the home can magnify some noises and carry them through the house, setting off the alarm. There are detection devices that can protect your home without worrying about pets or normal household activity with hard surfaces setting off your alarm system. Asking the security specialist installing your system about those options. 

How do you test a glass break sensor?

Glass break detectors come in two types: 

  • Sound Activated: These devices pick up the tone frequency when glass is broken. Some alarm systems offer a high and low tone setting so that the alarm isn't triggered unless it hits one of those, reducing the possibility of false alarms. 
  • Shock detectors: These devices are directly mounted on the glass where security is needed, and any movement of the glass triggers the alarm. Security experts recommend these in areas where the acoustics aren't right for the sound activated type, like a room that has few windows or isn't near the room with the sound activated glass break detectors. 

 When you are unsure that your glass break detectors are working, is there a way to test it and confirm the  glass break sensor not working? Luckily, you won't have to break any glass to test your glass break detector!  As they say, there's an App for That! Yes, there is an app (several we're told) that create that high-pitched sound that simulates the sound of glass breaking.  Some alarm manufacturer also have a device you can buy that does the same thing, for a price. 

Your family and your home are valuable, and it only makes sense to want to keep them safe and secure.  There are several "security" companies around, but you want to make sure you're getting a legitimate service that is linked with your local law enforcement. An alarm isn't going to do much for you if the police aren't far behind. Call 501-860-6767 today for your glass break detector in North Little Rock, AR.

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Ryan Melton

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